OurHydraulic Calculations for a fire sprinkler system with roof and rack protection FHC Hydraulic Calculation Software is used by fire protection engineers throughout the world to help them design the most demanding fire protection systems to international standards, including EN 12845, BS 9251, FM, NFPA 13, NFPA 750 and LPCB / BRE regulations.

With FHC you can build complex hydraulic models easily with a set of drawing tools which allow you to draw the system on the screen. You can instantly see the pipe network updating, which minimises input errors and allows you to concentrate on optimising your hydraulic model, saving design time and installation costs with smaller pipe sizes or system pumps.

FHC will calculate any type of hydraulic model including the most complex fire sprinkler installations with roof and racks, water mist systems, water spray systems, hydrants or a water cannon installation. In fact FHC can calculate almost any water based fire protection system. FHC is very flexible and any type of pipework network can be built from a simple tree, looped to a multiple looped system or any combination.

As you create the pipe network in FHC and connect the pipes together, FHC will automatically find any tee's and elbows and will look up the equivalent length in its extensive pipe and fitting database. This will save you a considerable amount of time and is less prone to input errors. Also if you change the pipework configuration FHC will make the necessary fitting adjustments automatically for you to ensure your hydraulic model is up to date.

FHC's fast calculation algorithm will give you the results you need in seconds allowing you to concentrate on optimising the system for the most economic design. You can choose to use Hazen-Williams or Darcy-Weisbach pressure loss equations to calculate the pipe friction loss. This make FHC suitable for high pressure water mist systems and other more demanding systems.

FHC will calculate the source pressure and flow required for the system or you can specify a fire pump curve, constant pressure pump or a city water supply and FHC will balance the system.

The video bellow is a quick demonstration of how quickly you can create a hydraulic model of a fire sprinkler system from starting a new project to the final report ready for submitting to the AHJ. FHC gives you full control of the design process and with its set of drawing, and calculation tools you can soon have your project completed.

Download and try for free the FHC hydraulic software