Hydraulic Calculation Software
for use in the Fire Protection Industry

Hydraulic Calculation Software for use in the Fire Protection Industry

Hydraulic Calculations for Fire Protection

FHC is recognized throughout the world as the leading hydraulic calculation software for the fire protection industry and has thousands of users in over 50 countries.  FHC currently supports over 30 national and international design standards including EN 12845, BS 9251, NFPA 13, NFPA 750, FM global, CP 52, Vds CEA 4001, ASIB and much more.

FHC is an easy-to-use hydraulic calculation and analysis package specifically designed for the fire protection industry.  With FHC’s intuitive interface you can quickly build complex hydraulic models consisting of thousands of pipes and with its lightning speed calculation engines, you will soon have your project completed.

You can use the FHC software to hydraulically model any type of water-based fire protection system from fire sprinkler systems, water mist, fire hydrants, water monitors and much more.

FHC for all your requirements

Who are Canute

Canute LLP has over 15 years of experience in developing and supporting hydraulic calculation software  for the fire sprinkler and water mist industry.  Our software is used by the world’s leading fire protection consultants, design and installation companies.

FHC can be used for large and small projects alike from a single house design to BS 9251 or a petrochemical facility design to NFPA13 or a logistics facility design to EN 12845, FHC can calculate the systems with easy.

FHC can also calculate low and high pressure water water mist system to virility of design standards including NFPA 750, Vds, BS 8489 and BS 8458.

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