FHC with special valves

You may have a pipework system with a valve or devise which will produce a pressure drop such as a foam proportioner or zone valve (we will call this the ‘device’) and you do not have an equivalent length which can be used.  The manufacture will normally provide you with a graph with the flow rate and pressure drop.  You can use the graph to find the pressure drop at any given flow rate.

In you FHC hydraulic module you will need to have a pipe (Start and End node) in to which the ‘device’ is to be located. You can now carry out your hydraulic calculations as normal making changes to the model as you would normal do. Once you are near to completion look at the flow rate in the pipe with the ‘device’ and relate this to the manufactures ‘device’ data sheet and looking up the flow rate and read across to find the corresponding pressure drop.

You will now need to enter the pressure drop in to FHC. You can do this by selecting the edit tool [Ctrl+E] and select the pipe with the ‘device’. Once the edit pipe edit window is open you can enter the pressure drop in to the ‘Optional items’, PD – bars now press the Apply button.   Now calculate the system again and this time the ‘device’ pressure loss will be included in the calculation.

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