Can FHC run on an Mac OS X

The answer is yes and no.  FHC will not run natively on the Apple MAC operation systems but you and run an emulates or better still a Virtually Machine (VM) our choices would be to install an Oracle VirtualBox which is free to download and install and you will also require a copy of a Microsoft Windows operating system of your choice, we would recommend Windows 7.

Once you have installed VirtualBox onto your computer you will find the VirtualBox Manager, this is where you will create a virtual machine which the operating system which you have chosen. Once this is done you will have a Microsoft Windows computer running on your Mac computer. You can now download and install the FHC hydraulic calculation software.

You can use the Oracle VirtalBox to run FHC on Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris host so you are never limited to ant one operating system.

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