Deleting pipes in the centre of an FHC project

You may on occasions have pipes in the in the middle of your FHC project which you need to delete or modify, there are a number of different techniques which you can use and in this tip we will outline one of these.

If you use the FHC delete command this will delete all the pipes from the node you select which might not always be desirable to overcome this you can copy (or move) pipes you wish to keep to a dummy node

  1. First create a dummy pipe in a convenience place before the pipes you wish to delete.  Adding it to somewhere around source is often convenient and easy to locate later.
  2. You should now copy the pipes which you wish to keep to the dummy node which you've created in the first step.
  3. Now you have safely retained all the pipework which you wish to keep you can delete the pipework which you wish to remove from the project and add the new pipe arrangement as you require.
  4. Once you have finished with the pipe modifications copy back the pipework which you previously saved in step two.
  5. Finally in clean-up the project by deleting the dummy node and pipe.
This technique looks to be quite complicated when in fact it is relatively simple and you can watch our short video which demonstrates the technique.
You can also download the FHC project file which we used to put the video together,  you can use this to try out the technique

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