spkGraph - Water supply graph software for fire sprinkler systems

spkGraph can provide three types of fire sprinkler water supply graphs which can be used by fire sprinkler designed to prove compliance with several design standards. It can also be used to create hydraulic graph paper to any flow and pressure scale with the flow scale to the logarithmic scale with the power of 1.85 or 2.00 (NFPA and European style).

BS 9251 - Maximum flow demand – Qmax

Sprinkler systems designed to BS 9251 & EN 16951 require the operation sprinkler heads in the most hydraulically favourable area to be balanced with fire pump performance curve. This is normally undertaken by plotting the pump curve and the favourable area demand on to graph paper and the intersection of the two is the maximum flow demand (also known as the Qmax point) for the system and is used to determine the capacity of the stored water for the system.    

spkGraph can simplify this process by allowing the design to add a few points from the pump curve, the most favourable design point and the height of the height’s sprinkler in the most favourable area. spkGraph will plot the pump curve and the system demand line and calculate the maximum flow demand for the system. You can print the curve or save to a jpg image.

NFPA 13 water supply chart / graph

spkGraph can easily create an NFPA 13 water supply graph. You specify a minimum a 3 data points for the city water supply or pump curve and the system pressure and flow demand point and spkGraph will draw and display the graph.

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