Client software download area

This is the client software download area when you can download the current version of each of our software products for which you are licensed


FHC software download

You can download the most current version of the FHC hydraulic calculation software by using the download button on the right.

Please remember that once you have downloaded and installed FHC also require your unique license file which will have been emailed to you. This file is named and you should copy this file into the FHC program folder which is normally located at C:\FHC once you have installed this file into the correct folder please start FHC which will automatically find your license and update the system.

You may also be asked to register the software and you will find information regarding this process in the link below.

You will need to enter the following password on the Hightail download page: 74935


FHC Version 1.8.6 Build 12
Password: 74935

Other download information


Hcal2 software download

In download the latest version of Hcalc to by using the button on the right.  Hcalc 2 is a simple hydraulic calculator which allows you to calculate the pressure loss in the pipe and flow through a sprinkler K-Factor formula. Hcalc 2 is a companion program FHC and we only provide support to licensed users of FHC

Hcalc2 Version

CanutePDF print driver

The Canute PDF print driver is free to download and use as you require and can be used from any application to print to PDF document. This PDF print driver has a variety of advanced options you may also find beneficial.

FHC requires a local printer to be installed so if you have a computer normally accesses a network printer then we would recommend that you install the Canute PDF print driver although it does not necessarily have to be set as the default printer

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