Coroner calls for all new houses to have fire sprinklers

It was really good to see that a coroner has once again called for all new houses to be fitted with domestic fire sprinkler system to be fitted to new homes after the death of the person on their 80th birthday after suffering from severe burns.  Any death is distressing but once which are preventable are even more so, it such a shame and we have the technology to prevent deaths from fires in domestic dwellings but we do use the technology we have to protect the elderly and vulnerable who are most at risk from death from fire.

Corrosion and Corrosion Mitigation in Fire Protection Systems

FM global have published paper which explains corrosion in fire sprinkler protection systems and factors which affect it such as the pipe weld, residual water in dry pipe systems and the trapping of air in what pipe systems.

The report is extremely comprehensive both in analysing the causes and provides recommendations to alleviate the effects of such corrosion in fire protection systems. 

The full report can be downloaded from the FM Global website


Domestic fire sprinkler system another life saved

I have been delighted to see so many fires have been stopped by sprinkler installations in domestic and residential premises this clearly shows how effective they have been in saving both life and property.

In a recent incident an elderly gentleman whilst in his flat 4pm had his life saved by recently installed fire sprinkler installation in his flat.  Whilst he was asleep in his bedroom a fire started in his kitchen originating from a toaster despite developed quite quickly and the sprinklers activated and extinguished the fire whilst also raising the alarm which allowed the gentleman to be evacuated from his flat.

EN 12845 : 2015 Automatic Sprinkler Systems

or to give it its full title EN 12845:2015 Fixed firefighting systems - Automatic sprinkler systems -  Design, installation and maintenance  

EN 12845 automatic sprinkler systems

We have just received our copy of EN 12845 I'm sure in the coming months we will write some observations. The revised standard is an extremely long document with over 200 pages but something which is worth noting is that it states that this standard suppresses EN 12845:2004:A2:2009 which will be withdrawn on 31 December, 2015, so we don't have long to get used just its contents.

FHC Training at Yarnfield

Yarnfield park webI was delighted to meet 11 students this week on our last FHC training course at Yarnfield Park. I am always delighted to be able to show old hands who have been using our software for many years to new tricks and shortcuts which they have not tried or discovered. On the other hand we had a number of students just started using to use the FHC software and hopefully, we have a equipped them with skills which they will need to complete their own projects. 




Fire Destroys Underground Car Park

The French fire service reports that on 11 November fire broke out at 02:00 in a car park beneath an apartment building in Alfortville, south east of Paris. The fire totally destroyed a dozen cars. The ceiling then collapsed, damaging more cars.

Fire for 007

Buckinghamshire Fire Brigade was called at 11:18 on Sunday 30th July to Pinewood Studios, northwest of London. The Albert Broccoli 007 Stage, the largest sound studio in Europe and which had just completed the filming of Casino Royale, was on fire.

Over 60 firefighters attended but were unable to prevent collapse of the roof and destruction of the studio. This is the third major fire at Pinewood Studios and the 007 Stage itself was built following the destruction of the previous James Bond studio in a fire at Pinewood Studios in 1984.

A sprinkler system could have prevented this damage.


European Fire Sprinkler Network

Fire sprinkler save a apartment from arson

A fire in a third floor apartment in Pasadena had been extinguished by a fire sprinkler system before the Fire Department arrived. On investigation it was found that several more fire had been set in the apartment intentionally.

The fire damage to the apartment was minimal and no one was injured this was due to the fast acting fire sprinkler system

A juvenile was later charged with arson

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