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Xact is the approved training provider for Canute software

Xact offer one-day training courses to sprinkler system designers who aim to use canute FHC software for fire sprinkler water mist and other type of systems.

Courses are provided regularly at locations throughout the UK

Course includes

  • 7 hours continual professional development
  • Meals and refreshments
  • Canute course work book
  • Computers and Canute FHC software




Target audience:

Those seeking to enhance their skills using Canute FHC - from beginners to advanced level practitioners


To apply Canute FHC software from data entry to more advanced concepts


On completion, delegates should have an understanding of:

  • Basic concepts of computerised hydraulic modelling
  • Hydraulic formulas to calculate flow through heads & pressure loss in pipes
  • Apply node references to a hydraulic model
  • Entering the relevant data into FHC
  • Optimising hydraulic models
  • Advanced FHC commands

Delegates also learn to:

  • Undertake automatic sizing to pipework
  • Enter water supplier data
  • Make global changes to the system
  • Conduct copy commands
  • Produce reports for checking and submitting to AHJ


Tailored to address relevant sprinkler and water mist standards and codes of practice, including BS 9251, BS EN 12845, NFPA 13/750

Continual Professional Development

This course has been independently assessed by the CPD Certification Service and awarded 7 hours CPD

Prior learning:

This course assumes that delegates are familiar with manual hydraulic calculations and the principles of applying hydraulic calculations to fire system designs. Delegates will be expected to have a good understanding of the design standard (BS 9215, NFPA 13/750, BS EN 12845) to which they intend to apply FHC and hydraulic calculations


This is a partnership arrangement between Canute and Xact to provide FHC software courses to customers