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Canute specialise in hydraulic calculation and other associated software for the fire protection industry and that’s why you can be assured of the quality of our products. We have delivered quality software for over 15 years to the fire protection industry and our FHC hydraulic calculation software has undertaken thousands of calculations to the satisfaction of the world’s leading fire insurers, risk managers and local and national governments agencies.

When you choose a product from Canute in also be assured of our commitment to customer service and we can support you wherever you may be located in the world.

FHC - Hydralic Calculation Software

 FHC is a world leader in hydraulic analysis software and has hundreds of uses in over 50 counties. The software is been used successfully for the design and analysis of fire sprinkler installations, water mist, medium and high-velocity water spray system, fire hydrant, foam/water monitors.

The FHC software can be used with over 25 international standards including NFPA 13/15/750, EN 12845 and BS 9251. 


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Hcalc - Hydraulic Calculator

The is a FREE hydraulic which will solve pressure loss calculations in pipe and the discard of water through a sprinkler head and other type's nozzles. With this free hydraulic calculator you can easily change any variable in the Hazen Williams pressure loss equation and see what change it has made straight away.


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