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You will find a collection of documents which you can download and use which will be useful for fire protection engineers.  If you would like to see something added, then please get in touch and we will see if we can help.


BS9251 : 2014 - Square law graduation graph

BS 9251 : 2014, Annex C.5 ‘Maximum flow demand calculations’ require the tank size to be calculated using the most favourable demand point which is then intersected with the pump curve to find the maximum flow demand for the system which is often referred to as Qmax.  By multiplying the Qmax by the system minimum duration time you have the required effective capacity of the tank.

It a very simple method to find the Qmax is if you have graph paper with the x-axis (flow) scale graduated with an exponent scale of 2. This is commonly known as square law graduation graph or paper     

Square law graduation graph paper

We have a number of different graphs papers with various scales for you to download and use:

Scale: 2 Bar - 100 L/min: pdfBS9251-100-2-sqare-law-paper-s.pdf59.29 KB
Scale: 3 Bar - 150 L/min: pdfSquare law graduation graph paper – 3 Bar & 150 L/min
Scale: 5 Bar - 500 L/min: pdfBS9251-300-5-sqare-law-paper-s.pdf51.84 KB


Isometric Graph Paper

Isometric graph paper can be useful for the fire protection engineer to draw out complex pipe networks or just to detail a small section of a design and it's surprising when you do it what you may have missed when drawing it in 2D.  We also find it useful to use when entering pipe data into FHC as you are typically converting a 2D CAD drawing into a 3D hydraulic model.  Once you have used isometric graph paper you will find a thousand uses for it.

Isometric graph paper A4 5mm

The isometric graph paper which we offer below will printer out on to A4 paper with 5mm separations.

pdfA4-Isometric-paper-s.pdf71.93 KB


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