Fire sprinkler system - tree pipe work configuration

Tree pipe sprinkler network

Fire sprinkler systems often use tree pipe work configuration in the system design and although this configuration is not as hydraulically efficient as a loop or grid system it still has its uses. For complex buildings such as schools, residential care homes and systems which require a dry fire sprinkler installation to be installed, then a tree system can be the way to go. The pipe work in a tree work configurations can be sized in the conventional way by using pre sized pipe tables for the number of sprinkler heads or by fully calculating the hydraulics by hand without much difficulty, but ever for a small systems they are still very time consuming and prone to human error. By using FHC you have all the advantages of full hydraulic calculations in helping you reduce your pipe sizes and or the water demand and the calculations will not have the human error factor and will take a fraction of a seconded to calculate, allowing you the designer more time to optimizes the system and reduce costs.

The system display above was created in FHC with the help of the 'Tree Planter' wizard. This allows you to specify a small number of parameters and FHC will create the sprinklers and pipe work you require. The system has 34 pipes and 18 fire sprinkler head and is designed to EN 12845 ordinary hazard group III but we could have chosen any of the 15 designed standards you can choose from in FHC. We draw a calculation the systems in about 10 minutes and the calculation time was 0.013 of a second, now that fast.

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