Fixed Water Spray System to outside wall

Fixed Water Spray System to outside wallThis system is a water spray deluge system installed on a outside wall to provide a water curtain . The systems was designed in accordance with FM Global requirements which called for the sprinkler heads to be spaced at 2.4m apart with a standard fire sprinkler with a K-factor of 80. However the minimum head pressure of 1.4 bar was used, this is to insure the sprinkler achieves its full discard pattern in a moderate wind .

As the system is designed to FM requirements and as it's a 'DRY' system we have used the 'DRY' switch in the project data fluid field., this will insure that the pipes C-factor is reduced to 100. We also used FHC 'AUTO pipe size' command so FHC will selected the most economic pipe size for the project based on the design parameters which we have set.

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