Free hydraulic calculator, sprinkler hydraulic calculations

Canute designed this simple hydraulic calculator for use with its FHC training course to teach some of the fundamental principles of pressure loss calculations and the discard of water through a sprinkler head and other types of nozzles. With this free hydraulic calculator you can easily change any variable in the Hazen Williams pressure loss equation and see what change it has made straight away. This is an invaluable free tool for teaching the basics of fire sprinkler hydraulics.

With Hcalc you can calculate the pressure loss in a pipe using Hazen Williams formula

Every fire protection design will find a use for the free hydraulic calculator. It can be used for teaching the principals of hydraulics in fire protection engineering, checking calculations or for solving simple hydraulic calculations for fire sprinkler and other types of water based fire protection systems.

  • Hydraulic calculator
  • Hazen Williams formula
  • K-factor formula
  • Reynolds Number
  • Scientific calculator

With the free hydraulic calculator you can find the pressure loss in pipework using the Hazen Williams formula which is specified in the NFPA 13 and EN 12845 for fire sprinkler systems. You can vary any of the three variables of flow, C-factor, and the pipes internal diameter and the pressure loss will be automatically updated. The free hydraulic calculator will also calculate the Reynolds Number and Pipe Velocity .

The second part of the calculator is used to solve the K-factor formula given the flow, K-factor or pressure at a nozzle or fire sprinkler head given the other two factors. By using the slider controls to vary any of the variables (flow, K factoror or pressure) you can see the effect they have instantly.

The third section is a scientific calculation which has a powerful calculation engine and will allow you to solve many complex calculations.

Calculate the flow, k-factor or pressure from a sprinkler head or water mist nozzle  Hcalc has a powerful scientific calculator


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