Who are Canute

Canute LLP are world leaders in providing cost effective Fire Sprinkler Hydraulic Calculation Software for use in the fire protection industry and our flagship FHC software has a proven track record and is used throught the world.



Canute - FHC, fire sprinkler hydraulic calculation software for fire sprinkler systems. It can also be used with other types of fire protection such as sprinkler systems, water mist, fire hydrant, deluge, form systems and water monitors.

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Download our Hcalc hydraulic calculator and solve pressure loss and sprinkler heads / nozzle calculations for fire sprinkler, water mist and other types of water based fire protection systems.

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Hydraulic Calculations for all type of fire sprinkler and water mist systems 

Hydraulic Calculation Software for the fire protection industry

FHC can be used for hydrants, hose reels, wet risers and much more

Fire Sprinkler Hydraulic Calculation Software

FHC is recognised thought the world as the leading hydraulic calculation software for the fire sprinkler and water mist industry and has hundreds of users in over 40 counties. The software has been successfully used for the hydraulic calculations of fire sprinkler systems, water mist, medium and high velocity water spray systems, fire hydrants and  foam/water monitors systems.

The FHC hydraulic calculation software can be used with 29 different national and international design standards including EN 12845, BS 9251, FM, NFPA 13, NFPA 750 CP 52 and  AS2118.1